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Woman Spots Terrified Abandoned Dog Scratching Himself. That’s When She Makes A Decision.

30 January 2017 8640 views
It is mind boggling how many animals roam our streets. They have no home, no food, no love. Arnie was a stray dog living on the streets near Athens, Greece. Arnie was afraid. Who can blame him? He didn’t trust people because we had never given him a good reason to trust us. Arnie was first seen at a gas station.

The people noticed that Arnie was always scratching himself because he had a skin condition. A kind woman known only as E tried to help. But Arnie was too scared to let her come close.

E left Arnie – but she promised him that she would be back. She returned later with a little help from her friends from The Orphan Pet’s Two and some food.

E asked for her friend to leave her and Arnie to be alone for a little while. Arnie was too nervous with all the attention. E sat there with Arnie, she let him make all the choices about how close to come. It took about an hour, but slowly, she gained his trust! Arnie left the gas station behind that night.

If you find some strays in your area, you don’t have to sit outside with them and try to earn their trust – you can maybe put out some food for them.