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Weak, Stray Dog Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail After Seeing Rescuers

27 February 2017 907 views

Usually, when a dog ends up living on the streets, he becomes terrified of people. 

This can make a rescue very difficult, and it can sometimes take hours to save a homeless, starving dog in need. This was not the case, however, for a stray pit bull/bulldog mix, who was living next to a Los Angeles freeway in the underbrush. 

According to incredible dog rescue, Hope For Paws, for over a month good samaritans fed the dog and tried to help him, but no one could get close enough. Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws wrote on YouTube that Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz went on to rescue the dog without him, as he knew they could do it. 

It took a while for the women to trail through the underbrush, but once they spotted the dog, they saw how exhausted he looked. In an effort to gain his trust, Arturo and Wiltz fed the starving dog hamburgers, and gently pet his head.

Immediately, the dog was taken to them, and it seemed like he loved the attention. After the big dog took a drink of water, the rescuers were able to secure the leash around his next and were closer to getting him to safety. 

When it was time to leave, however, the dog wouldn’t budge, and they realized they would need to carry him through the terrain and to their truck. Before they did so, they sat down with the dog and named him Tarzan.

They noticed his tail wouldn’t stop wagging and he was one of the happiest dogs that they have rescued to date. 

The two women lifted up the dog on either side and took him to get checked out at the hospital. Once there, Tarzan was so grateful to be saved, he even cracked a smile!

After receiving a clean bill of health and getting neutered, Tarzan went to foster with Road Dogs and RescueTo adopt Tarzan, please click here