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Tiny Premiee Baby Was Giving Up On Life, But Doctor’s Strange Decision Saved Her Life

06 March 2017 2663 views
Being born at 28 weeks is way too early. But, Pixie Grant was born that early. Her doctors were watching her in utero and could see that she was not gaining weight. Even though it was too early, Pixie’s mom, Sharon, had little choice.  

Sharon had the emergency c-section so Pixie would have a chance to live. To keep her warm just after she was born, the doctors had to use a sandwich bag! Pixie only weighed 1.1 pounds, and all the hospital’s equipment was too big for her.

Once inside her bag, Pixie was taken to intensive care. Pixie was so fragile and small that Sharon couldn’t hold or cuddle with her for 18 days. After 5 months, Pixie finally got to go home! Look at her now!
Thanks to the quick thinking of doctors, Pixie will be able to grow up and tell her amazing story! Share away, people!