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This Kitten Was Rejected By Everyone Because He Was 'Too Ugly', Until Someone Saw His Beauty Shining Through!

11 January 2017 1191 views
The staff at Santuario, Compasion Animal had been told that no one wanted the odd looking little kitten because he was just too ugly to be adopted. But, they completely disagreed.

To them, he was just like any other kitten who loved to play with all the other cats and his toys. After all, isn't it our differences that make us beautiful?

Now that Romeo is living at the sanctuary, he's enjoying the attention he gets and he's loving his new life. Romeo is just like any other kitten, he likes to play with his toys, he loves getting loved on, and he loves giving love right back.

Romeo is a very special kitty and we think that his face is absolutely beautiful! It's unique, just like him! What do you think about this sweet boy?

Would you consider adopting a kitten that looked like Romeo?

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