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This Dog Decided To Sit Inside Someone’s Car. Turned Out The Best Decision Of Her Life!

25 December 2016 3031 views
There are millions of stray animals wandering alone and hurt on city streets all around the world. This is a story about one lucky stray who happened to find the one person willing to help save her life. We may never know what happened to Kelsey before she met her new mom.

All we know is that Kelsey was in bad shape. The emaciated dog was covered in red, painful sores and her fur had fallen out because of mange.

Dogs just have the ability to tell a good person from a bad person. So, when the woman pleaded with her to jump into the car – Kelsey did.

It was the best thing that had happened to the fur-less, skinny dog in a long while.

When Kelsey arrived at the vet clinic, she was given care around the clock.

Everyone worked hard to save the life of this homeless dog. The road was long.

But with the love and support from her new mom, Kelsey was transformed.

She started to grow fur – and trust. Kelsey had chosen the right car to jump into! Look at her here, enjoying green grass – she is already starting to look better!
Finally! Canine friends to play with too!

Can tell Kelsey is feeling better, her ears are up, and you can barely see her ribs anymore.
Getting better is hard work!
Kelsey has a nice big, comfy bed to sleep in and a bowl of fresh water.
This is Kelsey now!

She looks nothing like the skinny, battered creature that was found wandering alone on the streets!

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