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They Reunite A Broken-Hearted Mom With Her Lost Babies, Now Watch Her Reaction…

09 September 2016 16479 views
In December of 2015, a Canadian animal rescue, K9 Crusaders, took in a dog named Noelle. Abandoned and battered, Noelle was coming from a high kill shelter where she had been surrendered by someone who claimed to have found her as a stray — but it was clear her story was much darker than that.

Noelle had just recently given birth, and her babies had been ripped away from her. Her soul was shattered, her heart was broken, and her body was nothing but skin and bones. “She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her,” K9 Crusaders wrote on Facebook. Now that Noelle was finally in safe hands, the big question still remained: Where on earth were Noelle’s puppies? Were they safe? Were they even alive?

Thus, “Operation Christmas Wish” commenced. K9 Crusaders banded together with other local animal heroes to track down Noelle’s puppies. Reuniting the family would be no easy task, but they were determined to seek justice for Noelle and bring back her beloved puppies.

What happened along the way is nothing short of incredible… and you seriously don’t want to miss this