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Stray Cat Mama Surprises Shelter With Her Unusual Looking 'Hemingway' Kittens

24 September 2016 783 views
When a stray momma cat arrived at the SPCA LA shelter with her six babies, the staff saw right away that something was unusual about the kittens. Madeline Bernstein is the SPCA LA President, and she said that this bunch of kittens was the strangest they had ever seen. The momma cat was named Mrs. Hemingway, and she was an affectionate calico with extra toes.

Her babies were born with ears that curl back, and they also have extra toes on their paws. The extra toes are called polydactyl.

The combination of American Curl and extra toes makes this litter a very rare sight.

Ana Bustilloz of SPCA LA said when the kittens arrived they were 1-2 weeks old.

All of the kittens were cared for in foster homes and will be adopted out when they were old enough. This tiny calico reportedly looks just like mom! Her ears are straight, but she has extra toes.

No one is sure what coloration the dad had, but it is very likely he had the American Curl gene in him, and it was passed on.

This ginger boy’s ears are a little too big for his head right now, but he will grow into them! You can see his extra toe.

Source = heroviral