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Starving Puppy Collapses As She Reaches The Shelter, Then Goes Through Astonishing Transformation

07 February 2017 1230 views
Eduardo Rodriguez owns an animal care center in Granada, Spain. In April 2016, a starving 10-month-old puppy was found.

She weighed a mere 16 pounds. Eduardo knew she needed immediate help if she was to survive. Many of the volunteers didn’t think she would make it through the night

As you can see, her bones are protruding through her skin. Many of her organs were close to failing. It was believed that someone had locked the puppy away in a cage without any food or water.

The pup was named Spaghetti. Spaghetti had no muscle tone and could barely lift her head.

Eduardo hoped for the best and Spaghetti wagged her tail. She was given fluids and a lot of love.

Several days later, she was out of the woods! Spaghetti was finally strong enough to stand up and drink water out of a bowl!

But her fight was far from over.

Spaghetti beat all odds and slowly gained enough weight and started to eat normal dog food.

She soon started eating 5 or 6 meals a day (she had a lot of weight to put on to be a healthy girl!)

Look at Spaghetti now! She is at a healthy weight for a dog her size! Thanks to the love and care of Eduardo and his team!

After her seven-week recovery, Spaghetti and Eduardo have become friends. They became such good friends that Eduardo decided to adopt her!

Spaghetti lives with Eduardo and his wife, Carolina, and their 14-year-old daughter. Spaghetti also has 5 new canine siblings!