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This Right Here Is Exactly Why You Should Never Ever Mess With A Snapping Turtle.

20 September 2016 7743 views

It’s common knowledge that turtles are fairly slow moving and lazy. Still, who hasn’t been told to stay away from snapping turtles because they can be dangerous? If you’re like me, you probably snorted at whoever told you that piece of information. After all, how can a tiny turtle that barely moves be a danger at all?

That’s likely what this man was thinking when he approached a snapping turtle with a camera and a stick. What happens next is pretty surprising and endlessly amusing. He pokes and prods at the turtle, who doesn’t seem too amused at all, for a whole minute. Eventually the turtle just can’t take it anymore. So what does it do? It jumps (yes, jumps!) at the man and bites him!

You can hear the man’s yelp of surprise and pain, and you can’t help but laugh. So, look out kids, and don’t poke snapping turtles (or any animal, really) with a stick. Share away, people.

Source = heroviral