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Sick Teen Shoots Puppy With A Bow And Arrow In The Neck Because It Was A ‘Nuisance’

26 January 2017 1936 views

A one-year-old Golden Retriever puppy was shot through the neck with a bow-and-arrow set after 18-year-old teen Bryson Hensley got frustrated with it when it dug into a trash bin.

Although Bryson had claimed that it was an accident, constant questioning by the police proved otherwise – he was sick of the dog. As a result, the teen was convicted for committing acts of animal cruelty after he surrendered himself to local authorities.

At the Appalachian Animal Hospital, Grace was lucky – she survived as the arrow did not pierce her vital veins and arteries. Grace’s owner did not step up to claim her after this incident.

As of late September 2016, Grace has been reported to be adapting wonderfully in her foster home and is now potty-trained!

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