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Siberian Husky farts while taking a shower , One of the most funny videos you will see in your life

09 September 2016 84524 views
Siberian Huskies are one of the friendliest dog’s species ever. Is a medium to large, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia.

The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family. It is recognizable by its thickly furred double coat, erect triangular ears, and distinctive markings.
Huskies are a very active, energetic, and resilient breed whose ancestors came from the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic. Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi of Northeastern Asia to pull heavy loads long distances through difficult conditions.

The dogs were imported into Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush and later spread into the United States and Canada. They were initially sent to Alaska and Canada as sled dogs but rapidly acquired the status of family pets and show dogs.If you own one, you must know that you’re very lucky and blessed to have all the love and care you need.

In the video below, meet Rocky, the Sebrian Husky who is apparently he enjoys taking a shower.Pav and Hockey are best friends, here, in this video, Pav starts to shower Rocky, and Rocky is really enjoying it. He is so relaxed, bracing, and standing still to enjoy every single drop of water. Somehow his face makes you feel like he is really smiling. Rocky won’t listen to any of Pav’s orders even when he asked Rocky to give him his paw.

The truth is, he just doesn’t want any kind of disturbance. Relaxation makes him feel so lazy; it almost feels like he is saying “this is my time”.Then the funniest moment happened when Rocky farted, Rocky was probably laughing on himself. Pav’s action was priceless and adorable, but after all, they are just so cute together.

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Source : urdogs.com