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She Waited In This Spot For A Month For Her Family To Return

10 February 2017 744 views
Being separated from one’s family is not something anyone wants to experience in their lives. It can leave you feeling alone and unloved, and makes you question what you did wrong to end up in such a situation. That’s probably what this dog was thinking when she waited for over a month for her family to come back.

The story starts off with this pooch being separated from her family when she fell of a boat into the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand.

She managed to swim to the safety of a pier, where she sat for over a month, waiting for her family to return and pick her up. But they never did, and no one knows why. Thanks to the kindness of strangers who offered her food in passing, the dog managed to stay alive and healthy, but she would always return to that one spot, hoping to see signs of them again.

Soon, one stranger decided to adopt the poor dog and take her home to his family.

She was named “Tha Ruea” which means “pier” in Thai. Now she has a big spacious home to live in, with family members who love her and would do anything to keep her happy. She even has a large pool in the backyard that she can go swimming in whenever she likes, knowing that she won’t have her family leaving her behind ever again.

This people are wonderful for opening their doors to one unfortunate canine. Share away, people.

Share away, people!

[h/t The Dodo]