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She Tries To Pet A Dog With A Yellow Ribbon. Immediately Regrets Her Decision

18 January 2017 720 views
‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ – do you remember that song? It was a song by Dawn that featured Tony Orlando. The person in the song had been sent to prison and was finally coming home. The yellow ribbon meant that he was welcome to come back home.

But, if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon, vest, bandanna, or scarf it has a completely different meaning.

The owners of the dog put the yellow item on the dog as a warning. Just like a yellow flashing light means caution – so does some yellow on a dog.

The dog may not be willing to have people come up and try to pet him/her. The dog needs its space, just like some people do

The yellow could also mean that the dog doesn’t like children or that the dog is very anxious or gets easily excited.

It is important to ask the dog’s owner before you approach. Just because a dog is out and about doesn’t mean they want to be approached by every person on the street.

Common sense. Ask if you can pet the dog first – even if it isn’t wearing yellow. Dogs have feelings – respect them.

The Yellow Dog Project started the campaign. They set out to educate people about how to be safe and respectful to dogs they meet in public.

Another goal was to raise awareness about Dogs In Need Of Space (DINOS). Visit the Yellow Dog Project for more information – and spread the word.

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