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She Took Hold of Their Pit Bull and Asked Her Son For Scissors - What She Did Was Absolutely Insane

06 January 2017 810 views
Cutting off a dog’s ears is questionable. Typically, it is a medical procedure, and the dog is under general anesthesia. However, the American Animal Hospital Association disagrees with the treatment. It is pointless and may even result in the dog experiencing psychological stress. A mother and her son in Williamsburg County, S.C, were arrested after they chopped off their dog’s ears at their home.

Scotty Bruce Tyler, 37, and his mother Myrtle McGee Daniels, 57, are faced with a charge of animal cruelty for using a pair of household scissors to chop off the ears of their Pit Bull, who is called Brick. The very graphic photos of Brick were then posted on Tyler’s Facebook page.

Investigators visited Tyler’s home in Georgetown, but the dog was not there. Once the Georgetown County deputies realised that Brick had been abused in Williamsburg County, they handed the case over to the Williamsburg County Environmental Services Department.

Brick was eventually discovered by animal control officials and deputies at a house in Williamsburg County, and Tyler and Daniels were arrested.

Investigator Alex Edwards, together with the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office, reported that their team had been contacted to help assist the animal control team.

Edwards explained that his department didn’t have any problem assisting, since they take animal cruelty very seriously.

While awaiting their bond hearing, Daniels and Tyler are being held at the Williamsburg County Detention Center. Michelle Reid, an animal forensics professional with Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief, was called to help with the investigation.

Please consider donating to their rescue group. To do so, go to www.ValiantAnimalRescue.org.

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