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Rescuer Found Cat Walking On Her Hind Legs. Then She Started Hopping To Be Rescued

24 January 2017 701 views
Roo’s front legs are bent, so she gets around by walking on her hind legs. Roo was found in a cat colony. When some kind people visit the cat colony each day to give the cats food, shelter, and water. Ultimately, they want all the cats to find loving homes too. But, with feral cats, it is hard to earn their trust.

Kim Womack is one of the people working hard to care for the cat colony. She said that Roo has a friend, who they have named Marigold. Kim thinks that Roo and Marigold should be adopted together.

At the vet, an X-ray showed that Roo is missing her radius bone in her right leg and the ulna in her left leg is bent and thickened – these are congenital deformities.

Roo can run and walk using her front legs and is doing quite well despite her troubles. Roo can live a completely normal life without surgery. The surgery would be very invasive for her left leg and not possible for her left since there is a bone missing.

She is in no pain from this deformity. Happily, Roo found a foster home thanks to Zeus and the Kitty Cats, located in Elmer, NJ. Roo has a healthy appetite and is doing very well at her foster home.

She doesn’t maybe know it yet, but she will never have to live outside again! You can help Zeus and The Kitty Cats by making a donation by PayPal. They do fantastic work and deserve our support.

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[h/t LoveMeow]