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Rescue of Abandoned Mama Dog & 5 Puppies She Was Protecting Under a Porch

24 September 2016 562 views
While animal rescuers assisted WA2S canine survey volunteers counting strays during phase one of the canine survey in Detroit, the field teams frequently came upon Dogs that appeared to be in need or under duress. This episode is no different as we come across a Mother Dog that is acting somewhat odd, until we realize she is voraciously guarding her new born Pups that are underneath the stairs of the house she once called home before her owners so unceremoniously left... Leaving this Momma to fend for herself - an all too common site on the streets of bankrupt Detroit.

Follow the ongoing stories of the people and the dogs of the city of Detroit in this ground-breaking new series from the World Animal Awareness Society as the WA2S works to solve the stray dog management problems.

Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society and American Strays series Producer & Director, Tom McPhee dives deep into the issues and circumstances that affect both people and canine in this derelict, yet dynamically changing city.

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