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Pit Bull Torn Apart In Dogfighting Ring Finds Forever Home With The Vet Who Saved Him

01 March 2017 55 views

While most dogs spend the first few years of their life playing, exploring the world and getting to know their new families, one unlucky pup was being torn to pieces in dog fighting rings.

For the first four years of one Texas pit bull mix’s life, he was used as a bait dog during dog fights and routinely torn apart by other dogs forced to fight. However, recently the dog’s luck changed when he escaped and was found wandering the streets by a caring good Samaritan

The couple who found the dog named Calvin could see his various open wounds and rushed him straight to a Blue Pearl clinic. Once the vet examined Calvin, they realized he needed an expensive surgery, wound care, dental work, and heartworm treatment, so technician Corinne Manley adopted him to cover the costs.

“I think he’s going to be stuck with me,” said Manley, who has since taken the four-year-old home after surgery to save his leg. “Everything appeared to go really well. He might have an underlying infection in that leg, so we’re trying to get on top of that.”

Despite Calvin’s violent upbringing, Corinne was stunned to see how gentle he is and how well he gets along with her other dogs. “He is the sweetest boy and just wants to be loved and held.”

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