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When They Found This Pit Bull, They Couldn't Believe What They Saw

10 September 2016 8810 views

This is the story of Remi, the pit bull that was, rescued by a group of kids who called 911 in Pennsylvania. Remi was, rushed to rescue with the help of an animal lover police offer, Russ Harper who works with Justice Humane Society. The officer recalls that when they first lifted up, Remi, he was almost dead and cold.

As the doctors examined him, they found that Remi was brutally, abused by dogfights and had umpteen wounds all over his body. The important part of the report was that Remi was also fighting an infection that was grave. This one and a half year old fur ball has seen too much than his little eyes could remember now.

The rescuers have concluded that Remi was tossed into the street when his sponsors found that he would not be able to fight anymore. One of the rescuers reports that Remi is a sweet little boy who always loves to cuddle on his lap. Already recovering steadfast, Remi is a charmer online as well.

The investigation seeks help of all those have anything to add or contribute to finding the culprits who did these horrible and inhumane things to Remi. Currently, Remi spends his time staring into the hospital ceilings wondering what he could have done to reap so much misfortune.

This little boy has paid huge cost as pain, owing to human pleasures. Now, let us help him fight for life and justice, together. Watch the video below to watch Remi’s startling story.

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Source = heroviral.com