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Photographer Captures Amazing Photos Of The Life And Culture Of A Lost Mongolian Tribe! LOOK!

29 January 2017 205 views
Since the very earliest days of our species, human civilization has come a very long way. Coming forth from caves and undeveloped lands, humans have managed to construct homes and cities the likes of which earlier generations could never have imagined.

Due to the widespread growth of globalization, it's been harder to preserve historic cultures. This is precisely what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so captivating and astonishing.

Although the tribe is nomadic, they've lived in the same region for centuries. Over the course of time, they've developed a unique relationship with the wild animals of the area. As a matter of fact, their relationship is so incredible it will astonish you.

Lucky for us, Hamid Sardar-Afkhami, a photographer, went to visit this lost tribe recently and while there he documented what he saw through a series of spectacular photographs.

Take a look:

Because of their remarkable culture, the Dukha people have formed an extraordinary relationship with reindeer in the region. Reindeer are used as a means of transportation to traverse the treacherous terrain that these people call home.

The Dukha tribe, as well as their relationship with the natural world, is a truly breathtaking thing to see.

The way they've been able to preserve their way of life is absolutely incredible!

What do you think about this fascinating tribe and their remarkable culture?

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