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Parents Outraged After Teacher Throws Away Little Boy’s Lunch Leaving Him In Tears

09 February 2017 36488 views
A school district in Durham, Ontario is telling its students they can not eat some of the foods that are packed in their lunches because they are ‘unhealthy.’ The Durham School District has a new healthy eating initiative has school officials refusing to let the children eat parts of their lunches that they brought from home.

Elaina Daoust has two children in the district. She was very upset last year when her son wasn’t allowed to eat a piece of banana bread last year for his snack because it had chocolate chips in it.

James MacKinnon is a teaching consultant with the Durham Catholic District School Board. He said there is no policy that allows the staff to take away food from students. However, more than 30 parents have told stories about how their child had food taken away from them.

Some of the items taken were string cheese, Jello, juice boxes, Goldfish, granola bars, raisin, fruit snacks, Sun Chips, chocolate milk, and Animal Crackers

Members of the school board agree that there is a difference between teaching the students about eating healthy and critiquing what they bring to school. Jane Brangman’s second-grade student had her lunch sent home several times last year because she had brought a pizza to school on a non-designated pizza day.

Brangman said her daughter was offered an orange instead. Not quite sure what the lesson the children are learning is in this school district – maybe the lesson is if your lunch isn’t deemed to be healthy, you go hungry. Share away, people.