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No One Believed Her When She Told Them What Her Horse Did, So She Filmed Him Doing THIS!

14 January 2017 414 views
There are lots of videos out there about cats and dogs jumping around, playing with their toys and wreaking havoc! However, this one is just a bit different. The video below features a beautiful, brown horse named Buster who LOVES to play with his favorite toy!

You'll always find good ole Buster romping around in the field with his toy ball in his mouth, having the time of his life!

According to Buster's owner, he's quite a mischievous horse and really, he'll play with just about anything he can get his hooves, or his mouth on! She says that the gorgeous guy reminds her of "donkey" from the Shrek movies, and she also admits that this young horse can be quite the handful.

However, Buster is an exceedingly loving horse with an amazing personality. And once you watch the video below, I'm sure you'll agree wholeheartedly!

Isn't he a funny guy, a real card! He's such a playful horse! I could watch him all day!

He really knows how to keep himself entertained and everyone else watching him as well!

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