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Neglected Dog Who Spent 7 Years Chained To A Wall Is Finally Free

05 February 2017 3106 views

When the non-profit organization Guardians of Rescue were told about a dog named Tito who was chained to a wall in a New Jersey warehouse, they made his rescue their top priority. 

According to the organization’s Facebook page, however, Tito’s condition was even worse than they originally thought.

“Tito’s voice was Jazzy, a dedicated, experienced animal rescuer, who worked hard to try and get him from the people who had him. She contacted several organizations for help, to no avail, and even went into the unsafe area where Tito was living, putting her safety on the line, in a constant effort to get the poor dog rescued from his horrible life.”

“When The Guardians were contacted, we swiftly put into action a plan to get Tito rescued and get immediate medical attention by Dr. Moose, who was on site, and ready to help and is currently caring for Tito,” they continued. 

When they rescued Tito, he was about 35 pounds underweight, especially for a Dogo Argentino. He was fed only kibble, which has badly infected his teeth and ears, making it difficult and painful for him to eat. 

Despite all the pain and neglect that Tito has endured, volunteers still describe his demeanor as gentle, forgiving and loving to everyone- the behavior which you will see in the video.

Guardians of Rescue wrote, “He knew nothing of how things should be — his life was in a building, only knowing suffering and misery. Today, because people cared, this dog’s life is no longer sad, but instead, Tito is getting the love and care he has never had. Tito now can know great adventures and have a home to call his own – where this awesome dog can finally play and roam. His past is gone, his future bright, because The Guardians take a stand and set things right. Tito has been freed.”  

Luckily, Tito has been welcomed into a foster family, but he is expected to be eligible for adoption soon.