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Mountain Lion Cub's Mom Is Nowhere In Sight. Then An Officer Takes A Closer Look At The Baby

17 September 2016 9968 views
Animals being abandoned and left for dead is sadly part of everyday life in our world. Sometimes the animals are left behind by humans, and sometimes it’s their biological parents that abandon them. Every once in a while, however, a helpful human can step in and save the day. That was the case with this mountain lion cub.

She was all alone and very sickly. She was found on tribal land in Arizona and brought in to a vet. At first it didn’t appear as though the cute little cub was going to survive. She’d spent several days without food or water, and people believed that her family must have been killed by predators. No one knew how the little girl had survived, but they wanted to make sure that she got to keep her life..
Vets worked very hard to help her recover, and now’s she’s thankfully doing very well! Share away, people.