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Mother Who Brutally Killed Her Daughter By Punching Her In The Chest Gets Attacked In Prison

10 May 2017 20416 views
This is the moment the lying mother of Ayeeshia Jane Smith called 999 to say her child had stopped breathing in an accident - minutes after she murdered her by stamping on her tiny chest.
Kathryn Smith, 23, killed her 21-month-old daughter while at home in Burton, Staffordshire, with her partner, Matthew Rigby, 22, who was convicted of allowing or causing her death.
Audio of Smith's 999 call reveals how the killer claimed Ayeeshia had a seizure and when the operator asked if she is breathing she said: 'No there's nothing, she's gone'.
In fact the mother had beaten her until she resembled a 'car crash victim' and the toddler had a torn heart, a partially severed tongue, shattered ribs and was missing tufts of hair when she died.
The little girl, who was known as AJ, was heard screaming 'stop mummy, stop daddy' before she was murdered on May 1 2014.
Her cannabis addict mother kept drugs bought with her benefits in Ayeeshia's Tommee Tippee drinking cup, smoked the drug throughout her pregnancy and was high when she beat Ayeeshia, MailOnline can reveal.
New pictures published today also reveal how the 21-month-old suffered a string of injuries to her face and body, including a bleed on her brain inflicted four months before she died.

Smith wept uncontrollably in the dock, dabbing away the tears after the jury convicted her of murder and child cruelty this afternoon.

Rigby, who had previous convictions for violence, was today found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a child but cleared of murder and child cruelty. 
When the jury cleared Rigby of murder, he mouthed 'thank you' but broke down in tears when he realised they had found him guilty on the lesser charge. 
Both have been remanded in custody until Monday, when they will be sentenced, and Smith faces life in prison while Rigby faces a long jail term. 
Social workers missed a string of chances to put toddler Ayeeshia into care before she died and even ignored her mother's own pleas to take her child away.
The trial of Ayeeshia Jane Smith's killers Kathryn Smith, 23, and her boyfriend Matthew Rigby, 22, also revealed the authorities placed her with a foster family only to give her back to her 'volatile' mother. 
Kathryn Smith even told social workers to 'take Ayeeshia away because I'm a c**p mother' and would spend her benefits on cannabis rather than feeding her daughter.
Ayeesha would sometimes go up to a week at a time without eating and only had crisps and small amount of chocolate biscuit in her stomach when she died.
Smith would instead spend her benefits on feeding her cannabis habit and when asked in court whether this was cruel she said: 'My money - my income support'.
In case echoing the tragic death of Baby P, NHS doctors also failed to spot a 'concerning' pattern of historic injuries pointing to serious physical abuse in the months before she died.
Social workers also saw drug use, violence and child neglect at the home where the toddler lived but mother and daughter were kept together until she died in May 2014.
Despite blaming each other for Ayeeshia's murder Smith continued to share a bed with Rigby until their trial and even gave him a winged locket containing her dead daughter's ashes. 

Ayeeshia was almost put into care from birth because it was feared she would be neglected by her troubled mother but instead was left to suffer a chaotic and violent home-life before she died. 
Matthew Rigby, who she called 'daddy', even threatened to burn their flat down with the family inside a month before he helped kill the toddler but she remained at home in Burton-on-Trent.
One neighbour who knew Ayeeshia and her mother, who did not want to be named, told MailOnline: 'It's so sad to think what she went through, especially as she was too young to speak out or get help.
'It's disgusting to think social services gave her back to her mum'. 
Derbyshire County Council has carried out a serious case review into whether more could have been done to protect Ayeeshia. It will be published later this month.
During Smith and Rigby's month-long trial it was revealed that Ayeeshia was not taken into care a second time despite:
Her mother Kathryn Smith repeatedly asked social workers to 'just take her away because I'm a c**p mum'
Toddler suffered cuts to her face and body, a bleed on the brain and her hair was missing in the months before she died
Ayeeshia's killer Matthew Rigby said he 'hated' her and threatened to torch the house and set fire to her cot, which was brought to the attention of police. He was banned from seeing the family by the authorities but continued to visit 
Social workers said that her mother appeared 'spaced out' on drugs and the house smelt of cannabis. Kathryn Smith also refused to take drugs tests and would later admit spending £30 of her £52-a-week benefits on cannabis