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Mother Cow Refuses To Leave Her Injured Baby’s Side Until Help Finally Arrives

05 February 2017 7634 views
When Animal Aid Unlimited, an incredible rescue organization in India, heard about a calf in need, they instantly rushed to help.

Yet, when the group arrived, they noticed someone had already tied a rag around the calf’s hoof to stop his bleeding, but the poor thing still couldn’t stand up. 

The calf’s mother quickly ran over to her baby and when rescuers tried to take him for medical care, his mom panicked. Naturally, she thought rescuers were trying to take her baby away from her and ran after them. Little did she know, she was being rescued too!

Once the mom and her baby were safe, Animal Aid rescuers took a closer look at the baby’s hoof and noticed it had been torn and would need weeks of treatment and rehabilitation to heal. 

Without hesitation, the men continued to treat the baby and named him Bambi. 

Soon enough, Bambi was healed and was ready to play and have fun, although he never gets too far away from his mom. 

Bambi has even made some new friends and is loving life as an active calf.