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Mom Leaves Newborn On Couch And Turns Away, Then Hears A Scream And Blood Everywhere

31 December 2016 7602 views
A baby girl that was only three days old was killed on June 27, 2016, by the family dogs. The baby has been identified as Susie Kirby. Tucson News Now reported that the baby’s mother had put the infant on the couch so she could open a window. After opening the window, the mother decided to use the restroom since her daughter was safe.

What the mother didn’t know is that the two family dogs were in the house. The dogs killed the baby while the mother was in the other room. They had dragged the baby from the house and were mauling her in the front yard when her uncle saw them and started yelling.

Doctors tried to save her life, but they were successful. The mother has not been charged, but investigators are going to look into the incident to rule out any foul play.