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Man Dives Into The Ocean To Visit His Friend. Then A Shark Swims Up For A Cuddle

13 January 2017 342 views
The word “Shark” strikes fear into the hearts of many beachgoers. We have all seen the movies, sharks are bloodthirsty creatures. But, wait, not all of them are vicious creatures, and not everything we see in the movies is real. In fact, humans kill close to 75 million sharks a year just to eat some soup made from shark fins.

Rick Anderson has a shark for a friend. She is not a great white shark or a hammerhead – she is a 6-foot long Port Jackson shark.

Anderson has not given her a name, he knows her by her markings. She lives off the coast of Nobbys Beach in New South Wales, Australia. Anderson has known this particular shark for about seven years.

Back then, she was 6 inches long! Over time, the shark has grown accustomed to Anderson, and he can hold her in his arms. One thing you would never expect – they cuddle!

Who knew?! I never thought I would use the words “cute” and “shark” in the same sentence – but, dang, if that isn’t one cute shark!

Port Jackson sharks do not grow to be as large as great white sharks. A male Port Jackson shark could grow to be 75 cm long while females are between 80 and 95 cm long.

Port Jackson Sharks can be found only in the waters around Australia and Tasmania. They like to live near the bottom or in muddy, sandy areas.

They feed on sea urchins, crustaceans, mollusks, and fish. Anderson hopes that by sharing these photos, people will be less fearful of sharks.