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Mama Pig Nearly Dies To Save Her 13 Babies. Now Watch When She Says Goodbye To Them...

14 September 2016 2424 views
Here is an incredible and inspiring story. John and Molly Chester took in Emma, a pig who didn’t appear to be too healthy, onto their farm. Not long after she became pregnant, and everyone thought that it would be unlikely she’d live through the delivery, if she managed to deliver at all.

But then something incredible happened, not only did Emma survive through the pregnancy, she gave birth to not one, two, or three, but THIRTEEN piglets. An astounding amount! Shortly after the pregnancy she became sick again, but when her babies began nursing on her she made a miraculous recovery. The family was happy for a good long while, but eventually the piglets had to move away.

At first Emma was lost, but then she found someone else that she could be a mother to… A rooster! Emma, the pig foster mother! Share away, people.

Source = heroviral