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Mama Dog Found Abandoned Mourning A Plastic Bag Containing Her Dead Puppies

25 February 2017 1250 views

This poor momma dog was found crying over a plastic bag in February 2016. What was in the bag will make you cry too. Inside the white, plastic bag were her puppies – her newborn puppies, and they were all dead. A man, Paul Skinner, was out riding his bicycle with a friend when they came upon the dog in Midville, Lincs.

At first, they thought the shape they saw was a bird. But they soon realized it was a dog wearing a collar.

The two men stopped and were horrified to see the newborn pups inside the bag. Paul said he couldn’t believe that someone could do this to the puppies (and to the mother dog). Paul was able to call the police, Fen Bank Greyhound rescue society, and the RSPCA.

The mother dog, a spaniel, was estimated to be only three-years-old. They named her Carly. It is believed that the puppies were alive when they were put into the bag. At the hospital, the workers did try to see if the puppies could be revived, sadly, they were unable to revive any of them.

The veterinarian estimated that the puppies were less than a day old. Carly had a microchip and investigators were able to go to her breeder. But the breeder wasn’t responsible for what happened to the puppies.

Carly had another owner. An investigation was started to find Carly’s owner. Hopefully, the person responsible for the deaths of the puppies will be found and punished. Carly is safe in the hands of the RSPCA.