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Lioness Desperately Cries For Her Pride For 3 Days - Watch Who Finally Shows Up!

27 September 2016 10200 views
A lion always hangs out with his entire family; hence, the bunch is, called his pride. The lioness looks after the cubs and the family functions most alike tour own families, possible our primitive ancestors followed the king of the jungle. This is the tale of a Lioness, Kruger National Park, South Africa, who was lost in the wild for three days away from her pride.

You see her roaring and grunting for hours, without any hope or result while her pride on the other side is chaffing miles in search of Momma Lion. After three days, the lioness lost all her hope and decided to sit out down awaiting the fate to happen. Suddenly, she hears daddy, a friend and the two cubs and she gets up to zoom in and confirm her vision.

She confirms that it’s her pride and then continue to stare at the male, who recognises her from afar and stops. All of them then run at each other and start to cuddle, snuggle and make merry! Isn’t that the loveliest thing you ever saw? Now, share this amazing story of the Lion’s pride.

source = heroviral