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This Tiny Kitten Was Just A Few Days Old, But Someone Did Something Cruel To Her

20 September 2016 3100 views

This tiny kitten might be little, but she has the heart of a warrior and an amazing fighting spirit! This kitten was just one week old when she was rescued by the North Brooklyn Cats.

On their Facebook page, they mentioned how a good Samaritan rescued the kitten from a bunch of abusive children who actually covered the kitten completely in glue. The person who rescued her called the North Brooklyn Cats for further assistance.

A volunteer from the animal rescue as well as a passionate animal rescuer herself, Lisa Vallez took the kitten under her care and spent hours cleaning out the glue. After that she gave the kitten a warm bath, food to eat and spent the rest of the day loving and cuddling her! They called her Aveline.

Aveline is a survivor and a fighter and you can see that by the way she drinks her milk!

This is Aveline, a beautiful kitten with a heart of a soldier and a will of a warrior!

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Source = heroviral