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Beloved owner passes away, dog attends church everyday in his honor

10 September 2016 529 views
Dogs, along with many other animals, often express a wide range of emotions—happiness, irritation, excitement, etc. But one of the emotions they experience that we might overlook is an unfortunate one: grief. Dogs are loyal creatures, and even when death befalls their owners, they continue to think about them and commemorate them in ways we would not expect them to.

What Tommy the German Shepherd did to honor his deceased owner is unbelievable.

An adopted stray in Italy, Tommy was devoted to his owner Maria, and would accompany her anywhere she went. Once of the places they frequented was their local church, where Tommy would sit by Maria’s side through mass.
When Maria passed away, Tommy faithfully arrived to her funeral despite the fact that none of her friends or family brought him. Even more extraordinary is that to cope with his loss, Tommy began attending mass every day at the church he would frequent with Maria. In this way, Maria’s faith and memory lived on through her noble companion.

Tommy is a remarkable example of how dogs never forget the ones they love, along with their habits and the activities they enjoyed doing. It’s incredible to see just how much our pets know about us. Home truly is where the heart is, and for Tommy home is at the parish where he can remember Maria.
Watch the touching video below to see Tommy sit attentively through mass, where he is welcomed warmly by his fellow parish members.
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