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I Thought Animals Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Cuter, But Then I Saw These Little Guys.

07 February 2017 1072 views
You want cute? Take a look at these felt bears. They’re not only adorable, but they’re also incredibly small, and they’re all made by one woman named Tatiana Scalozub, who is from the Ukraine and sells these adorable little bears in her Etsy shop.

She won’t reveal her secret how she brings these adorable little creatures to life, but her work is definitely something to marvel at.

They’re cute beyond your wildest dreams, and she even sells kits so that people can make their own adorable little bear to keep in their home. It would be difficult not to buy at least for our five and place these all around our homes to liven the place up.

But not everyone is crafty, so they might have to stick with buying them already pre-made from her store.

Just look at how small they are too!

They can fit on the tip of your finger and weigh absolutely nothing. These would also make great gifts for your friends and family members who are also animal lovers, or even for a friend who works at the zoo!

They’ll simply fall in love with it and treasure it for the rest of their lives.

You’ll definitely want to share these with your friends, so don’t pass up sharing her store with them.