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Homeless Peoples’ Dogs Can Have Food, Water And A Warm Nights’ Sleep Thanks To This Truck

23 January 2017 294 views

The winter is a tough time for many. But no one else feels the winter freeze quite like homeless people and their dogs.


Trying to make it through a night on the streets in sub-zero temperatures is a daily struggle. They’re desperate for one warm corner where they can make it through the night.

But this is where the problem lies. Shelters for homeless people often refuse to accept their dogs with them. So these homeless people have to choose between abandoning their one companion in the world for a warm night’s sleep or to stay with them. And almost all of them do stay with their dogs.


No homeless person should have to be faced with such a horrible decision.

And indeed, things are changing in Nashville, Tennessee, US. The Humane Society and the Nashville Rescue Mission have joined forces so that none of these furry friends ever to have to face a night alone. With their help, they can have a nice meal, clean drinking water, and finally, a warm place to sleep at night.

So for every homeless person that finds a roof over their head for the night, their canine companion can find one too! They can spend the night in the Rover Truck and be reunited with their human the following morning. The truck can take in up to 30 animals, and there’s a second one if they need to accommodate more.

What an amazing initiative – we hope trucks like these will soon be seen all over the place!