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Hero Police K-9 Takes A Bullet For His Human Partner And Miraculously Survives

27 January 2017 105 views

Police and Military dogs are fiercely brave and fiercely loyal to their partners. So when one Indiana police officer was about to be shot, his K-9 partner didn’t hesitate to jump in the way and take the bullet for him.

This past week, Lake County Police Officer Chris Vukin and his K-9 partner Blade made a routine traffic stop in the middle of the afternoon. However, when they got out of the police cruiser and approached the car, a passenger ran out of the vehicle.

Vukin and Blade chased after the suspect, who turned down and alley and open fired on the two once they turned the corner. Blade fearlessly ran to the suspect and was shot in the face before Vukin managed to shoot the man. “He grabbed the weapon and he saved the officer’s life. There’s no doubt about it. He took the bullet for the officer,” Lake County Sheriff John Buncich said.

Blade, who has worked for the department for four years, was rushed to a local animal hospital and then the Purdue Veterinary Hospital where they performed surgery to remove the bullet fragments from his jaw. According to the department, Blade is now doing well and had to have a second surgery to repair his broken jaw.

“Blade did well today and saved his partner’s life and we are thankful both are ok,” the Lake County K9 Association wrote in an update.

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