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Hero Pit Bull Puppy Saves Teen from Attempted Rape

29 December 2016 331 views
Pit bull s have a bad reputation. Many assume the animals are vicious creatures, when this is simply not true!

As a breed, pit bull s are not any more prone to violence than any other.

But, like most dogs, pit bull s will fiercely defend their owners if they are threatened, and those attackers should consider themselves warned!

Maya Fairweather, 18, now knows just how far her boyfriend’s 5-month-old puppy will go to protect her. The teen was walking the pup, Apollo, late at night in a Brooklyn park when she was suddenly grabbed from behind.

Thinking it was her boyfriend, she turned around and smiled. But she realized that a total stranger was pushing her to the ground, so she panicked and closed her eyes.

As the man tried taking off her pants, Apollo came running toward the scene and bit his leg. He held on as the attacker tried to get rid of him, giving Maya the time she needed to escape.

The puppy bit down so hard, the stranger was forced to take his attention off Fairweather to try to shake the dog off. The girl used the moment of distraction to run across the street and escape. Eventually, Apollo released the attacker, who fled from the scene.

“He was protective,” Fairweather said about the dog’s heroic deed. “I think it would’ve been a lot worse. I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Luckily, she let the puppy off his leash to roam free just moments before!

Now, cops are crediting the puppy with saving Fairweather, who might not have been able to fend off the criminal. His owners say the puppy has never bit anyone before, but they’re sure glad he did this time!

Cops are still looking for the man.

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