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Her Paws May Be Gone, But One Dog Is Strong Enough To Start Her Life Afresh.

10 January 2017 1629 views

Warning to readers: Viewer discretion is advised due to graphical imagery.

Like most parts of Asia, a dark side exists – the dog meat market located in South Korea stands as one of the greatest controversial businesses left standing. Dogs are reportedly hanged and slaughtered for meat akin to how butchers treat livestock. Animal welfare organisations have been petitioning all over the world to reduce and halt animal cruelty exhibited by the market’s sole existence, but to no avail. Meet Chi Chi, a Golden Retriever who survived animal cruelty.

Deemed unwanted, Chi Chi was originally abandoned in a garbage bag disposed by a stall owner in the meat market.

At the mere age of two, Chi Chi had her legs bound and hung tightly upside down in a bid to ‘tenderize’ the meat on her.

Unfortunately, Chi Chi was left untouched, neglected and bounded for too long – the materials used to bind her have started to be contaminated with bacteria. The bacterium present caused severe infections which ate at her skin tissues, leaving Chi Chi’s legs disfigured with nothing more than layers of dead skin and bones.

Luckily for Chi Chi, ARME came to her aid.

Things were finally looking up for the Goldie.

ARME brought Chi Chi to a vet hospital to receive the emergency medical care she needed. Although her legs were not salvageable, Chi Chi remained upbeat amidst all that pain she endured.

At the medical facility, Chi Chi continues to show signs of recovery and improvement – with her legs now amputated and bandaged, she energetically plays games of fetch with the staff. Regular exercise for Chi Chi is necessary for better muscle adaptation due to the loss of limbs to support the dog’s movements.

A huge relief – Chi Chi will get custom-made prosthetic legs to aid her movement as well.

She will also be given time to slowly adapt to her new legs before residing in her new loving home located in Arizona, United States.