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Heartless Monsters Broke Dog’s Back And Left Her To Die, But Rescuers Saved Her Life

30 January 2017 8214 views

There was a time when this dog named Nancy lived a normal life.

That was, until, a heartless monster broke her back and threw her in a garbage disposal site and left her to die. 

Nancy was left completely helpless and forced to crawl through a field of shattered glass and metal shards. 

For months, Nancy crawled around there surviving on whatever garbage she could find. Someone must have also fed her occasionally, although she was pretty emancipated. 

Luckily, someone wrote to a rescue and described how Nancy was living, and of course, rescuers were heartbroken. 

They picked up Nancy, but nothing could prepare them for the shape she was in when she arrived at the hospital. 

Nancy has since been treated for multiple infections, including advanced Leishmania, which has made her neurological symptoms worse.

She also has limited mobility, and unable to walk on her hind legs. 

Rescuers have been doing everything they could help Nancy, and when you see how far she’s come in the video below, you will be smiling from ear to ear! 

Thank God there are good people left in this world.