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He Dives Into Flooded Waters. Who He Finds Drowning? Heartbreaking... (VIDEO)

26 September 2016 2310 views
Extremely high rainfall hit Houston that caused a series of deadly floods. The overflowing of the creeks made the situation worse, as the waters rose to 25-27 feet above normal level. These floods ravaged hundreds of homes and took many lives. Now we know that the statistics would only usually account for human casualties, not the pets and animals that the people own.

This case is different, 70 out of 75 horses of Cypress Trails Equestrians escaped during the flooding ordeal. How? You see, the community did not allow anyone who they could save, not even animals, get swept away. The video below shows men and women -not being stopped by fear for their lives – saving the submerged horses from being moments away from death to being safe on the ground.

This is indeed a compassionate and heroic act. If you’re faced with the same situation, would you gamble with your life to save your beloved animal? Share us your thoughts in the comments! Share away, people!

source = heroviral