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For 25 Years She Fed Hundreds Of Swans, But Watch What They Did When She Passed Away!

09 September 2016 21576 views
This touching story is about a woman named Sheila Lawrence, who was given the nickname "feeder" by her husband because she loved to feed all different kinds of birds.
But Sheila was also known by another nickname - the "Swan Lady" because she used to feed hundreds of beautiful Swans, that called the Mississippi home, for 25 years. Sheila would take the daily trek all the way down to the river bank to feed her beloved swans, but then five years ago, something tragic occurred.

Sheila, was diagnosed with cancer and sadly, passed away. Before she died, however, she made her husband promise her that he would continue to feed the swans that she loved so much.

Her husband, Jim Lawrence, has since earned the nickname "Swan Lady Man" as he continues to carry out his wife's legacy. He is now the one that brings 200 bushels of corn down to the river bank to feed her precious swans!

Even though Jim will never be able to replace Sheila, he's trying his best to fulfill the promise that he made to his darling wife. What a wonderful man!

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Source : hypedojo.com