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Firefighters See A Dog Running Out Of A Burning House. When She Runs Back In They Realize Why…

30 December 2016 694 views
Dog’s are man’s best friend. You may get tired of hearing that – especially if you don’t own a dog. You are really missing something if you don’t have a four-legged canine companion running around your house! A dog loves their human family as if they were born into it and that love is deep, genuine, and unconditional.

There is perhaps one thing a dog will love more that humans. Their babies. Dogs and cats have shown incredible love and dedication to their offspring. Which is exactly what humans do too!

When a fire was raging through a house in Temuco, Chile, the firefighters got all the humans out safe. Then they set to work on extinguishing the flames. They saw a dog going into the house and then running back out.

They were wondering why a dog would run into a burning house. When they took a closer look, they realized that the dog was a momma dog and she was saving her puppies – one at a time! When she came out of the house, she put them on the firetruck!

It was as if she knew that her pups would be safe there. When she was all done, her coat was a little burned in spots – but the most important thing was that her babies had all gotten out safe! Momma then climbed into the firetruck to rest with her pups.