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Mama And Baby Elephant Were Dying In The Mud When A Miracle Happened

26 September 2016 6715 views
This story of an intense elephant rescue will have you on the edge of your seat. On the Shangrala website, they detail each step of the rescue and the amazing conclusion.

“Conservation workers, who normally have a policy of leaving nature to fend for itself as much as possible, could not sit by and let a mother elephant and her calf die horribly from being stuck in a mud lagoon.”

A mother and her baby were sinking in the mud as the herd could only stand and watch.
The calf was crying out. There was nothing they could do.
But then wildlife officials showed up with some rope, hoping it would be enough to pull them out.
They got the baby out on the first attempt, but the baby just ran back to her mother. She got stuck again.
The baby started to cry out again. She wouldn’t leave the mud without her mother.
Almost free for a second time, the baby tried running back to mom.
The team did everything they could to try and keep the baby from going back into the mud.
They decided to try for the calf one more time. You know what they say about the third time…
The third time’s the charm!
The herd cries out to the baby and she takes off to them instead of the mother.
Mom is exhausted and ready to give up at this point. But the workers kept at it.
They wouldn’t be able to pull mom out the same way they did the baby. So they got a tractor.
It started to work! The tractor pulled and mom helped out.
Mom starts to yell out for her baby as she is pulled from the mud.
Mom is finally free! She runs to the herd and her worried baby.
They are all safe at last! And it’s all thanks to a group of heroes that wouldn’t give up.
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