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Their Dog Was About To Die, But Watch The Miracle And You Will Be Surprised

23 September 2016 1727 views
This is a story of a dog called Athena, who was on the verge of dying. Yes when her parents returned from their honeymoon and found out that their fur baby was suffering from wobbler syndrome. This wobbler syndrome paralyzed their fur kid to the point that she couldn’t move her legs. The doctors told them that the chances of their pup recovering from wobbler syndrome were nil and thus she would never recover.

These people desperately wished for a miracle to happen and they didn’t want to give up, not yet, not ever. The surgeon declared that her prognosis was terminal and that it had affected all her four limbs. The couple supported their pup, fed her the right diet, and provided her physiotherapy for over 4 months. Now you’ve got to watch the amazing miracle!

Athena was able to walk again and she defied all odds! Yes all it takes is one person, and in this case, two people to believe that you can do it! Don’t forget to share this incredible post with your friends

Source = heroviral