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Dogs Who Grew Up On A Meat Farm Reunite After Being Adopted By Different Families!

30 December 2016 383 views
Meat farms are real. They are places where dogs go to die. In some countries, dogs are raised and killed for their meat. Life on a meat farm is bleak and without hope. Two dogs who grew up on a South Korean meat farm had been a source of comfort to each other in a very dark and grim place. Happily, Sophia and Kenji were rescued!

The group Jindo Love arranged for the two dogs to be sent to the United States. The dogs were separated. Kenji found a home in Massachusetts with Lindsay Goldstein. She says Kenji is calm and affectionate.

Everything about Kenji and his new family was perfect – except Kenji didn’t like other dogs. The Goldstein’s knew about Sophia, and the bond Kenji shared with her. Amazingly, they were able to find Sophia and her new family.

They arranged for the two dogs to see each other – it had been several months since their rescue. Would the two dogs even remember each other after so long? You bet they did! Humans are not the only creatures that form emotional attachments.

We are not the only species capable of love. Once Kenji and Sophia saw each other they were both overjoyed and ran right into each other! They hugged, ran, jumped, and played!

Hopefully, the two families will allow Kenji and Sophia to see each other regularly. It seems as if they really do have an affection for each other and both dogs would benefit from the interaction.