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Dog With Adorably Deformed Lip Gets The Help He Never Thought Was Coming

28 February 2017 3121 views

Incredible rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited, has proven time and time again they will stop at nothing to help animals in dire situations.

A couple of weeks ago, they received a call in India about a street dog injured by the side of the road. When they arrived at the scene, the dog laid there unable to move and it was apparent he was near his death.

Unable to watch this dog die, Animal Aid lifted the lifeless canine up and brought him to their rescue. It was there that they saw the dog’s head had been eaten away by maggots, and they had to act fast.

Rescuers applied medicine to kill the hundreds of maggots that were affecting his skin, and after a couple of hours, all of the maggots had died.

The dog was sedated, his wounds were cleaned, and by day three, the lifeless dog was getting stronger. Rescuers were then able to begin his treatment for mange and he would then be was on his way to a full recovery.

When they found this helpless dog on the side of the road, crews knew he had a lot more living to do and they wanted to give him that chance.

Staff named him Major Sahib, and with his adorably deformed lip from an old injury, he’s one of the cutest dogs at the rescue.

We are grateful to Animal Aid for saving this sweet baby and we’re excited for his second chance at life.

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