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Former Bait Dog Too Depressed To Lift Her Head Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail Now

24 September 2016 13475 views

Dog fighting is barbaric. It leaves visible and invisible scars that never truly heal. Dogs that are part of a dog fighting operation are often severely emaciated and neglected. They are chained with heavy chains and don’t have access to food or water. In August, the SPCA of Texas found 14 dogs at a suspected dog fighting location in Able Springs, Texas. All of the dogs were jumping up and down when the rescuers arrived, except one.

Madeline Yeaman remembers seeing the tiny, emaciated dog on the brink of death.

The dog’s collar was clamped tightly around her neck, and the chain was attached to an old car axle.

The poor creature didn’t have any shelter from the hot Texas sun and was too weak to move when rescuers freed her from the collar.

All the dog could do was sit in one place with her head hanging down. The doctor who examined her said she had almost no blood in her veins.

The team started to treat her immediately; they gave her a bath to get rid of her fleas; she was given several blood transfusions, water, and food.

They named her Gwen.

As the days passed, Gwen got stronger and was able to pick her head up a little higher.

Now, Gwen greets everyone she sees with a wagging tail, head held high, and a very wiggly body!

Gwen loves running and playing outside, and she is loved by everyone at the shelter.

Source = heroviral