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Do You Know Why A Dog Tilts His Head When He's Listening To You? Here's Why!

23 September 2016 24477 views
Have you ever felt hypnotized? Well, let us help you remember. Recall the last time you got angry at your dog. And, before you could do anything, you were ‘aww’-ing and swooning over his trap – the magical head tilt!

Yes, dogs surely know a thing or two about magic. Today we are going to unravel the mystery of the enchanting and lovely head tilting seen in dogs. The wise among the dog-lovers claim that none can escape this trap of endless cuteness when a dog is serious about it.

So what is the scientific back-story to why your dog tilts his head?

Experts part of a current study found that dogs comprehend every feeling, reaction, and reflex from the tone and nature of words used in your responses. Simply put, whenever they hear you saying ‘Awww’, they register their own previous response as something positive.

If your dog has been living with you since a long time, it is definite that he already knows you better than your mom! Whether you are coaxing him to have a bath, groom or take to vet, he always comes up with the same spell to picking up on your emotions.

It is useless to say that, don’t go by his cuteness overdose, because it is almost impossible. So while you are trying to figure a way out, just enjoy your little fur ball trying every way to impress and manipulate you!

Apart from adjusting their ears to receive a sound better, most dogs also tilt their heads in a vicious trap of cuteness. Have you been enchanted with the tilted of a dog yet? Share your stories with us! Oh, and don’t forget to share this with your friends too!

Source = heroviral