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She's Dog Sitting Her Daughter's Boxer, But Nobody Told Mom About THIS! Oh My, This Is HILARIOUS!

22 September 2016 5752 views
LOL I laughed when I saw this video! This mommy had no idea that the 10 month old boxer pup she was puppy sitting had a hilarious reaction to a hair-dryer! So every time she tries to dry her hair, the adorable fur ball leaps from the back and tries to “eat” the air! Dogs have the exact same reaction to water that comes out of the hose!

They somehow think that it’s eatable and they begin snapping away like there’s no tomorrow! This is yet another reason why dogs are an important part of your life – they add color, laughter and lots of fur to your life! I once had a dog who had a similar reaction to the vacuum cleaner and trust me, it didn’t end well… for the vacuum cleaner.

I don’t know if this mommy would ever do the mistake of drying her hair when she’s puppy sitting her daughter’s boxer anymore! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral