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They Find A Dog On The Streets. But Then Doctors Look Into His Eyes And Realize It…

18 September 2016 5680 views
Meet Oscar, he looks like your average rescue dog from Greece.

He had been living on the streets with many other stray dogs due to overcrowding. But Oscar was bullied and attacked often, leaving him frail and defeated.

When he was rescued, he had a laundry list of health issues for the vets to take care of. The poor guy had mange, ehrlichia, and leishmaniasis. For the first few weeks of his rescue, Oscar was constantly scratching himself. He had a painful itch that couldn’t be helped.

But Oscar is a fighter! He didn’t let his illnesses hold him back, and his recovery is a spectacular one. Looking at him now, you wouldn’t think he was the same dog!

Doctors didn’t realize what was strange about Oscar. For weeks, they noticed his behavior was slightly off, but attributed it to his new surroundings. Eventually, they were able to pinpoint what was “wrong” with Oscar.

Oscar is blind! But it’s not a disability to him whatsoever. Looking at Oscar, you’d never even notice that he had lost his eyesight due to his terrible case of ehrlichia. You can see in the video below that Oscar is the happiest pup now that he has been rescued.

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