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Dog Is Lost In Woods For 1 Month, Owner Breaks Down When He Sees How Different She Looks After

21 December 2016 4510 views
It was a reunion that touched the hearts of the entire staff at Alpine Animal Clinic on Friday morning, August 5.

A Chow mix, Sandy, had shown up to their office after one of the vet techs spotted her staggering through the woods while the woman was on a camping trip at Kading campground near Little Black Foot River.

Sandy had gone missing after she strayed from the deer lodge where she and her owner were staying. The 10-year-old dog wandered through the rough terrain of Montana, crossing nearly 18 miles, for about a month before she was discovered.

She was in rough shape: she was barely able to stand, and her body, shriveled to skin and bones, was buried underneath layers of thick, matted fur that was coated with a combination of feces, ticks, and grass seeds.

The clinic shaved her body, exposing her emaciated body, which they predict would have only held out a couple days longer before completely shutting down. After that, they ran blood work and gave her food to get her back into a healthy state.

They then took on the challenge of tracking down her owner by using the power of social media. They created a Facebook post and asked their followers to share her image in the hopes of catching the eye of her owner. Incredibly, the post reached nearly 5,000 shares and 200,000 people before Sandy’s dad caught wind.

A friend of his saw the post and let him know that his dog had been found and was recovering at the clinic. Veterinarian Heidi Wampler said, “It was the first time we’d seen her lift up her tail and wag, so she clearly recognized him, and she feels good enough that she could acknowledge that he was there.”

When he saw her, he burst into tears, which led to a trickle down effect of waterworks in the office where the staff watched the heart-warming reunion.

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Source : LittleThings